What are the precautions for building a large food cold storage?

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To extend the shelf life of food and maintain its freshness, it is necessary to reduce the construction of large cold storage. A good large cold storage must pay attention to some precautions during the construction process in order to present a good cooling effect.
Precautions for construction of large cold storage:
1. The insulation performance of the insulation layer is good. The better the insulation performance of the insulation layer, the smaller the cooling consumption, and the smaller the temperature fluctuation caused by it, which is conducive to maintaining the quality of the storage, prolonging the storage time, reducing the shrinkage loss of the storage, and saving investment and operating costs of refrigeration equipment. Pay attention to the moisture resistance on the outer side of the insulation layer. The temperature difference on both sides of the cold storage enclosure structure is inconsistent, which can easily form a differential pressure of water vapor. With the transfer of heat, the water vapor outside the warehouse will penetrate into the warehouse. Therefore, a moisture-proof and airproof layer should be installed. There are three common moisture-proof methods: asphalt moisture-proof, plastic film moisture-proof, and the use of metal sandwich panels as moisture-proof layers.
2. Choose a suitable refrigeration system. Cold storage obtains cooling capacity through manual cooling. Currently, liquid gasification refrigeration or steam refrigeration are commonly used. The steam refrigeration method can be divided into three refrigeration methods: compression, absorption, and injection. Among them, compression type is the most widely used. A compression refrigeration machine mainly consists of four parts: a compressor, a condenser, a regulating valve, and an evaporator. It is a closed cycle system.
3. Install a well installed exhaust system. After storing food in a cold storage for a certain period of time, it is easy to accumulate gas substances such as carbon dioxide and ethylene. Therefore, it is necessary to install a good exhaust system to frequently exchange fresh air, which is conducive to the storage and preservation of food.
To achieve better cooling performance in large cold storage, it is necessary to have a clear understanding and strict control of some issues during construction.